Materials We Sell

We can help you achieve a competitive edge by cutting your recycled raw material costs, without sacrificing quality. Contact us for current pricing on wide spec, repro or regrind.

Here are some of the materials we supply on a regular basis:

  • PP homo or copolymer reprocessed pellet for black applications. Available up to 20 melt and 2.5 Izod.

Here are specific lots we are currently offering:

          • ULTEM: DT1810EV-GY8E494 gray virgin pellet – 4000 pounds+ (Ongoing)


      Ultem DT1810EV-GY8E494 Virgin Pellet
      Box label for Ultem--DT1810EV-GY8E494 virgin pellet

        • PPA Nylon: RTP VLF 84009 black 50%GF virgin pellets in producer bags – 300 pounds
        • PCT: Ticona Thermex CG933 Black virgin pellet – 3000 pounds+ (Ongoing)
        • Zylar 530 natural virgin pellet in producer bags – 110 pounds